Tricks to Boost PC Gaming Performance (Laptop or PC)

Tricks to Boost PC Gaming Performance

Boost PC Gaming Performance:- Hello Friends in this Article I will tell you Some Tricks using which you can “Boost your PC Gaming Performance”. 

Boost PC Gaming Performance

There are a lot of Sites telling you to do all different kinds of of stuff. Some of them are also telling you to install some random software which would help you to increase your “PC Gaming Performance”. But I am not like that, I will tell you Genuine tricks which I am Personally using to “Boost up my PC Gaming Performance”. These tricks will not make your PC work super fast and make it run all kinds of heavy graphics games, the tricks which I will provide will just make your PC run faster than before and will also help you to get a decent number of Frames Per Second(FPS) so that your gaming Experience becomes Smooth. So Read every thing Carefully.

Tricks to Boost PC Gaming Performance

1. You Must Have all your Drivers Updated:- The first thing you have to do is Go Check and Update all your Drivers. You must have all the Latest Drivers so that you can enjoy their Latest Features. Running Old Version Drivers is not a good choice if you want Better Performance for your PC but these days most people neglect these things. These days Updating Drivers is way more easy because they send you a Notification on your Computer Screen that you don’t have the Latest Version of So and So Driver do you want to update it now or later.

First of all find out which version is your windows and which Graphics Card you are using. To do so head over to Control Panel and search Device Manager. You will see the Version of your Windows and Name of your Graphics Card.

Boost PC Gaming Performance

Then head to the Relevant Website of your Graphics Card and download the Latest Version of the Graphics Driver and Install it. Be Sure you Download and Install the correct Driver which is Suitable for your Graphics Card and your PC, if you download wrong Software instead of Boosting your PC it will make your PC slow down so you must have patience while doing all these works. This Trick will help you to “Boost Your PC Gaming Performance” upto 35-40% by just a Perfect Driver installing or Update.Finally make sure that your Windows is Fully Updated, if its not so go and Update your Windows..

Boost PC Gaming Performance


2. Check your FPS and Benchmarking Scores:- Check your FPS while you Play your games. If you are using Nvidia Geforce or Steam they have Inbuild FPS Counter which you can Enable by going to their Respective Settings. By Enabling it you will able to see how Fast it is Running. The minimum FPS that you need is 25. If you get less than it than your game will lag and it will make the game jerky. The FPS depends on whats Happening on your Screen. If there is a lot of action going on then the FPS will decrease so you must choose the best Graphics Settings to make it run Smooth and also to control the FPS rate. There is no way in Increasing the FPS, the only way you can do so is to go and get yourself a New Graphics Card and you are good to go.


3. Use Software to Optimize your Speed:- There are a lot of Programs which run in the Background and they start using your Memory and CPU time. You can use any Software to hamper the Gaming Performance of your PC. You can also Clear Temporary files and defragment your Hard disk. Don’t do this in case of Solid State Drive(SSD). Though Windows has some Optimizing tools but I Recommend you to Use Razer Cortex. Really its a Very Good Software and I personally use this Software. Razer Cortex does very hard work for you and its available for Windows 7, 8 and 10. If you are using Windows 10 then I Recommend you to Install the Creators Update released in April 2017. This Includes a Game Mode Feature which clears your PC Memory and GPU when you play games which Increases or Helps you in “Boosting PC Gaming Perfomance”.


4. By Overclocking your Hardware:- This I am not Recommending to everyone because by doing this you will Decrease the the Lifetime of your Graphics Card and Ram and at last you would end up having nothing. So I would recommend them to do this who have some Knowledge about it or Wants a New CPU for themselves(Just Joking guys). By Overclocking you will be able to get some Extra FPS. Your first call should be your Graphics Card because it has Direct Impact on FPS. You will find an Option for Overclocking your Graphics Card in the Driver Itself. Overclocking the CPU and Ram is much easy, as you will find a option in the Setting of your PC’s BIOS. Simply Reboot or do anything which takes you to the Performance Settings.

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So Friends in this Article I have Discussed About the Top Methods which you can use to “Boost PC Gaming Performance”. Hope you guys Liked this Article pls Share this Article with your Friends. So Friends this was the Article on “Tricks to Boost PC Gaming Performance”. Please keep Supporting Guys and I will keep Bringing you Such Useful Articles and if you have any Doubts or any Recommendations you can Feel free to Comment. Thank you for Visiting. Visit Again…

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